Teen Training

The minimum age to attend teen training is 14.

This course involves 4 instructor lead sessions, run on Mondays at 6pm-7pm and Sundays at 12.30pm-1.30pm, focusing on climbing skills and safety.  Over four weeks we cover some of the essential aspects of climbing to help ensure you get the most out of your sessions. 

Once a minimum of 4 sessions are completed, the participant may be able to climb in the Wall at any time they want, pending instructor approval.

The cost is €25 per session and includes shoe hire. If you will be climbing regularly, check out our Gaisce package for the best price.  Please book your sessions below.

The first 4 instructor lead classes will focus on the following…

Movement & Balance

Climbing essentially involves moving from one secure position to another secure position and not falling off in between. The in between bit is where you need to be in balance and by making sure that your centre of gravity is over your feet and moving in the correct direction. It might be basic, but it’s the foundation of good climbing technique

Route Reading & Hold Types

Miming the sequence from the ground up until the finishing hold, while also picturing your body position and where your feet will go. It’s all done before you even leave the ground. Of course, there’s no point trying to read a sequence if you’re not sure how to hold a grip. Is it best to hold something as a pinch, gaston, undercut, guppy or two finger pocket? All will be revealed by our coaches.

Footwork & Slabs

Whether you love em or hate em, slabs are a crucial part of climbing. From gently placing your foot on the tiniest smear to balancing your way up the wall, slabs can be the most beautiful or the most frustrating climbs. Our expert coaches will teach you how to dance up the walls as graceful as a gazelle.

Dyno’s & Steep Stuff

Explosive power, timing, balance and precision – that’s the essence of good dynamic movement. Climbing dynamically is crucial if you want to improve your climbing, they’re great fun, and makes for some pretty epic videos. We’ll also get down and dirty with the steepest sections of the Wall. It’s all about dropping your knees, keeping the tension and fighting the urge to cut loose. Learn all about strategic toe and heel hooks.