Movement + Technique Clinic

Are you climbing 5-8s and feeling like you’re stuck in a plateau? This 1.5 hour coaching session will cover specific techniques (heel hooks, toe hooks, flagging, smearing, etc) and how to execute them properly. We’ll practice these techniques on various climbs throughout the gym on different terrain. We’ll also focus on body position and efficient movement. The session will be led by routesetter and coach, Louis Doherty.

Movement + Technique Clinic

15 Price does not include entry
  • Small group of up to 6 climbers
  • Focused technique workshop
  • A single 1.5 hour session

Meet the Coach:

Louis Doherty is a routesetter and a USA climbing certified coach for a year. He moved to Dublin in May 2022 and has been setting and coaching at The Wall and Bloc for the last year.

Louis coaching photo