30 Days for €30

Welcome to Wall’s once in a lifetime offer!

For just €30, you can try out all of the climbs in the centre, 7 days a week for as long as you want and it includes shoe hire! So you don’t need to spend another cent, just arrive and climb.  This one time offer is only open to people who have never visited the The Wall before.

Feel like you need a little bit more help getting started? With the 30 Days for €30 pass you can book into Beginner Coaching on Saturdays for only €5.

30 Days for €30

  • Climb as much as you want for 30 days
  • Includes shoe hire!
  • Only available if your have never visited the The Wall before
  • Can't be frozen or extended due to sickness or injury
  • Only available to over 18's

Frequently asked questions

What if I just pay in normally? For comparison, a day pass is €15.50 and shoe rental is €4.50 (€20 in total) if you only climb twice for 30 days you will still save money! 

Do I need to do anything else?  Just watch our introductory video, sign our disclaimer and that’s it.

I’ve never done this before. Can I get coaching? With the 30 day pass you can book into our Beginner Coaching sessions on Saturdays for just €5!

Do I have to climb everyday? You don’t have to climb every day, but we recommend getting in at least 5 or 6 sessions in over the 30 day period. The first few climbs can be can be the most challenging, tight shoes or maybe sore hands, but it definitely gets easier as your body begins to adapt and improve.

Can I buy this online? You can only buy this offer at the gym.