Do you feel like strength is a serious limiting factor in your ability to climb hard? For the climbers that feel like climbing on its own is simply not enough to overcome their current grade, then strength and conditioning tutoring with Ciarán is the perfect option.

The intensive course covers the essentials required to give you the relevant and necessary tools to propel your climbing ability into the next grades. Covered in the course, is instruction as to how to effectively use the fingerboard, campus board and overall essential strength and conditioning practices crucial and specific to bouldering.

The benefits of strength and conditioning in bouldering are countless. By doing climbing specific exercises you can provide your body with the correct amount of stimulus to exceed in the discipline. Perhaps you are prone to injury? Let Ciarán show you the correct technique and form to remain injury free and strong. It’s a daunting experience trying to use a fingerboard and campus board for the first time, so why not let our experienced coach show you how and skip out on all the faffing!

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