Moonboard Workshop

Moonboard Workshop

A Moonboard workshop for climbers who are looking to level up their Moonboard climbing.The sessions will cover board climbing drills/skills and provide climbers with coaching through their Moonboard projects. Each session will be 1.5 hours long.

Introduction to the Moonboard

An introductory workshop to the Moonboard for climbers who have been consistently climbing 7’s and climbing for a minimum of 1 year. The aim is to make the Moonboard more accessible to climbers who may be unsure how to use the board, or who might be intimidated by it. The course consists of three 1.5 hour long sessions.

What is the Moonboard?

“The MoonBoard is a standardised interactive training wall that connects a global community of climbers through shared problems and competitive performance rankings. Originally founded in the 1990’s, the School Room became the hardcore indoor training hub for some of Britain’s most talented climbers including Ben Moon, Stuart Cameron, Jerry Moffat and Malcolm Smith.” –

Why train on the Moonboard?

Moonboarding is a great training tool to improve finger strength, contact strength, power, shoulder strength, body-tension (core), and footwork. The sometimes odd hold shapes help prepare your fingers for the unergonomic holds found outdoors. Moonboarding is essentially climbing stripped down to its barebones. Combine training on the Moonboard with outdoor climbing or climbing other indoor boulders, and you’ll become a well-rounded, stronger climber. The advantage that the Moonboard has over other training boards, is the global community of Moonboarders and the Benchmark system.

Risk vs Reward

Because of its extremely powerful and finger-intensive style, the Moonboard can be quite risky when overused. It has been described as a double-edged sword, and should be used with care. When used correctly, the reward is definitely worth the training.

Moonboard Workshop

10 Price does not include entry
  • Small Group of Up to 6 Climbers
  • 1.5 Hour Session
  • For Beginners, Intermediate, or Advanced Climbers


Louis Doherty has been climbing for about 4.5 years. He’s worked as a routesetter and as a USA climbing certified coach for a year. In May 2022 Louis moved to Dublin and has been living underneath the Moonboard in The Wall ever since.


He has climbed up to 7C+ on the Moonboard, has set the second most climbs on the Moonboard 2019 set globally. Louis has climbed over 2000 problems on the Moonboard and outside he has climbed up to 7C+/8A in Ireland.