30 Days Climbing for €30

Welcome to Wall’s once in a lifetime offer!

For just €30, you can try out all of the climbs in the centre, 7 days a week for as long as you want and it includes shoe hire! So you don’t need to spend another cent, just arrive and climb.  This one time offer is only open to people who have never visited the The Wall before.

For comparison, a day pass is €12 and shoe rental is €4.50 (€16.50 in total) if you only climb twice for 30 days you will still save money! But we know you won’t, hopefully you will love it and keep coming!!

You don’t need to attend a course, just watch our introductory video, sign our disclaimer and that’s it.

You don’t have to climb every day, but we recommend getting in at least 5 or 6 sessions in over the 30 day period.

This is a one time offer for anyone who has never visited the Wall, and is the best way to try out bouldering if you have never climbed before.

Whether you’re seeking to lose weight, get more flexible, detoxify, overcome an injury, illness or stress, or take up a new sport, the important thing is to give yourself a chance, and give the process time.

The first climb can be can be the most challenging, tight shoes or maybe sore hands, but it definitely gets easier as your body begins to adapt and improve.

You can purchase now but the 30 days will only start after your first visit or booking. The pass will expire 30 days from when you book or take your first class, so use it or lose it!

If you are buying this as a gift then please tell us at checkout so we can assign it to the correct person.

Terms and Conditions

    • Valid for 30 calendar days from first date you attend or book a session at the Wall
    • One time offer for those who have never visited the The Wall before
    • You have 12 months to activate the pass
    • Once activated, the pass can’t be frozen or extended for sickness, holidays, absences
    •  Only valid to persons over 18yrs of age
    • The general wall T&C’s , rules and Legal Jibber Jabber apply

Please purchase HERE