Every 1.2 seconds we are destroying an area of forest the size of a football field.

Come join us in Lough Dan Scout Centre on the 25th of January to plant a Native Broadleaf Tree.
For €20 we’ll plant your tree along with a stake and a protection sleeve. You can even drop by on the 25th of January and plant it yourself! We’ll provide you with some hot food (soup, pizzas etc..) and even hotter drinks (tea & coffee). Come help us make the world a better place!
If you cannot make it on the day then do not worry, we will plant it for you and send you picture of it along with a GPS co-ordinate so you can visit it whenever you like.

This is a non-profit activity, any discount we get on any of the trees or equipment will be used to plant more trees.

To buy a tree please click below