First Time

If its your first time at The Wall we’ll get you climbing in a matter of minutes, our staff will help you through the paperwork, get you a pair of correctly fitted climbing shoes and give you an induction, once this is done you’re good to climb.

The inductions are great fun and don’t take long, we’ll essentially show you round the gym, explain the grading system get you started and most importantly make sure you know how to climb safely. You don’t have to pre-book just come along.

Need more help?

If you’ve done your induction had a great time but would like a little more help or a gentle pat on the back to tell you all is fine, well look no further. Every evening between 6 to 8.30 we have a staff member on the mats looking to help people. They’ll be in a Wall T-Shirt and eager to help, just ask.

Need even more help?

Climbing is a full body workout, it’s not just about pulling or pushing in one direction, or isolating a particular muscle, it all needs to work together, we know this. Don’t be scared to ask for even more help, our staff much prefer to be out on the mats coaching and having fun with climbers than trying to look busy behind the counter. Get to know us, we’re fanatics and love climbing, just ask.

Taster Sessions

If you want your first climbing session to be with an instructor for a full hour then book a taster session with us all details here.