Free Coaching Sessions

Climbing is a full body workout, it’s not just about pulling or pushing in one direction, or isolating a particular muscle, it all needs to work together. Our coaches will help you to develop your balance, co-ordination, body tension, technique, strength and flexibility and other ninja-like abilities to help you flow up problems.

How much: FREE – just pay your normal entry into the wall.

When:  7.30pm to 8.30pm

Tuesdays & Thursdays.

How long: 1 hour.

Some of the things we cover

Movement & balance:

Climbing essentially involves moving from one secure position to another secure position and not falling off in between. The in between bit is where you need to be in balance, making sure that your centre of gravity is over your feet and moving in the correct direction. It might be basic, but it’s the foundation of good climbing technique.

Route reading & hold types:

Miming the sequence from the ground up until the finishing hold, while also picturing your body position and where your feet will go, it’s all done before you even leave the ground. Of course, there’s no point trying to read a sequence if you’re not sure how to hold a grip, is it best to hold something as a pinch, gaston, undercut, guppy or two finger pocket? All will be revealed by our coaches.

Footwork & slabs:

Gently padding your way up non-existent edges while delicately placing your food on the tiniest smear and then trusting your foot to hold as you launch for the finishing sloper high on the comp wall as your heart misses a beat…..oh yeah!!

Dyno’s & steep stuff:

Explosive power, timing, balance and precision – that’s the essence of good dynamic movement. Climbing dynamically is crucial if you want to improve your climbing and they’re great fun. We’ll also get down and dirty with the steepest sections of the Wall. It’s all about dropping your knees, keeping the tension and fighting the urge to cut loose with the aid of strategic toe and heel hooks.

Training endurance:

We guarantee that you will be pumped out of your mind, but you’ll love it. Using the circuit board is great if you want to get more out of your sessions, climb for longer, or are preparing for a route climbing trip. We’ll cover how to rest, and for how long, building endurance, using the circuit board effectively, knee bars and route tactics.

Hiring a coach

If you can’t make our weekly sessions, or there is a group of you who would like to learn together, or you just want one to one coaching then you can hire a coach to suit your needs. Please give us a call and we can chat through what you need.